Yummy kid friendly vegetarian recipe by the amazing chef, Skye Saker

Sweet Potato & Sizzled Scallion Fajitas

A quick, easy and most importantly, nutrient packed vegetarian dinner that kids can get involved in making too.

Who doesn’t love eating with their hands?

INGREDIENTS (Feeds a family of four)

Roasted Sweet Potato

  • 2 Sweet Potatoes

  • Olive Oil & seasoning

Rice and Black Bean Mix

  • Palmful of long grain rice such as Basmati or Jasmin

  • Large can of cooked black beans


  • 2 Ripe Avocados

  • 1 medium tomato

  • 1/2 red onion finely chopped

  • Lime or lemon

  • Fresh Coriander or parsley if your kids do not enjoy coriander

Sizzled Scallions

  • 4 Spring onions


Preheat your oven to 350ºF.

Get your kids to peel the sweet potatoes and after you cut them into smallish wedges, they can muddle these together with the olive oil, salt and pepper in a baking tray using their hands to cover each piece well with the oil. Put into the oven and roast for around 30 minutes until the potatoes are soft and slightly caramelised around the edges. 

In the meantime move onto the other fillings. 

Cook the rice according to the package, which will probably be around 15-20 minutes. Drain the canned beans and rinse thoroughly to wash away the excess salt from the liquid. Just before the rice is completely cooked, add the drained black beans to the pan and allow to warm through with the rice.

After halving and pitting the avocado, get your kids to scoop out the middles and smash it with a fork in a bowl, mixing the other ingredients together as well. 

For the scallions, cut them into 2cm pieces using the green tops as well. In a hot pan with the oil, sizzle the onions until they are a little browned, soft and sweet which will take about 5-8 minutes.

By now your rice and sweet potatoes should all be ready. Warm the fajitas in a microwave or the oven which should still be warm from baking the sweet potatoes.  

Get your kids to spoon the rice and bean mix into a bowl and to carefully take the sweet potato wedges from the tray not a plate with the scallions. Put the guacamole on the table along with a pot of creme fraiche and dig in!

Feel free to add come cut tomatoes or grated cheese to also add to the fajitas.


Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a great source of slow release energy which will help to regular a child’s blood sugar level mean fewer ups and downs in energy and less temper tantrums! They are also rich in vitamin C and betacarotene which are brilliant for boosting a child’s immune system.

Rice & beans

These starchy foods are a great source of energy for rapidly growing kids and by combining the two together, it not only aids digestion, but is a way to slowly introduce beans into child’s diet. 

Black beans are high in protein and iron, both vital for a child’s growth and development so are a beneficial source when serving a meat free meal. 


We all know now what a great source of healthy fats avocados are but they are also packed full of important nutrients including vitamin C, which will improve the way the body absorbs iron from the beans, along with 20 or so more and all kinds of antioxidants. The fats in avocados are vital for brain growth and development and their plant pigments improve memory and processing speed.

Creme fraiche

Dairy is vital for kids and the high calcium content in creme fraiche or yoghurt aids in the growth of strong bones and teeth as well as keeping the muscles and nerves working. Luckily the percentage of fat content in dairy products does not affect the calcium content so you can buy low fat yoghurt or creme fraiche as an alternative although full fat is still better for children that need energy to grow. 


All of members of the onion family contain high amounts of antioxidants for a child’s immune system and anti-inflammatory agents which are especially beneficial if your child suffers from symptoms of asthma. Onions also promote a healthy gut which in turn has a huge affect on overall health, connected to everything from childhood behaviour, moods, sleep and energy levels, to later life heart and brain health.

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